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Welcome! owo

So, I guess this is my first official website lmao I always wanted to have one, and in this way, people are able to get to know me a bit better, and find out a bit more about me, and stuff. I'm not very good at coding yet (hence why I just used a layout that I found online), but I want to get better at it, and some advice regarding coding/programming is always appreciated!

Anyways, sharing my button would be appreciated a lot :3

Enjoy your stay, and feel free to talk to me!

You can find the code to this layout here.

name(s): joey/runo <> pronouns: they/he

Yup, this is a picture of me! Honestly, I haven't felt this comfortable in many years! Being able to be a guy, and being able to express who I truly am helps a lot :3 This is another reason why being able to have this website is so important to me! By the way, if you ever need someone to talk to, especially if you're struggling with your gender or sexual idendity, feel free to message me anytime! I had a lot of personal experience in that field, and I'm also currently majoring in Educational Science! I'm always happy to help owo

Also, since I'm fluent in German, if you're interested, I can always teach you some German lmao That would be a lot of fun! Uhm, well, I general like stuff such as gaming, reading, watching anime, visiting museums, and stuff like that owo

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hey yo! my name is runo, and this is my officially first website owo i am just a small dude from austria, and enjoy geeky stuff!

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